COLUMBIA Technologies integrates a combination of rapid screening technologies including the latest high-resolution data collection, certified onsite laboratory analyses, and world-class interactive reporting tools to help site owners reduce the risk, uncertainty and cost of contaminated site remediation. Embodying the best science and best quality, our technologies deliver accurate and reliable real-time data on subsurface soil permeability, groundwater movement and contamination chemistry, enabling owners to make more informed decisions and achieve more sustainable outcomes.

Our technologies and services include:

  • SmartData Solutions® our patented cloud-based process that integrates high-resolution data collection and interactive reporting tools to optimize the evaluation and design of soil and groundwater remediation programs.
  • High-Resolution Site Characterization achieved through application of real-time techniques that map subsurface contamination, track soil and groundwater changes and profile existing remediation systems.
  • Certified Mobile Laboratory Analysis and Onsite Screening saving customers valuable time by deploying our fleet of fully equipped mobile labs for rapid onsite analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in vapor, soil and groundwater.