Our CEO, John Sohl had the opportunity to participate in the 2011 North American Environmental Field Conference and Exposition in San Diego, CA last week. On his return he shared his insights with our team that we have summarized below.  We’ve also included a link to a copy of his presentation which is provided at the bottom of this post.

First off, kudos to Dave and Gillian Nielsen as well as the rest of the Nielsen Environmental Field School, Inc. for organizing such a truly educational event.

2010 EBJ Business Achievement Award Press Release

2010 EBJ Business Achievement Award Press Release

COLUMBIA Technologies has been recognized for their rapid expansion of their industry unique business model throughout North America with EBJ’s 2010 Business Achievement Award for New Practice Areas. In 2010, COLUMBIA Technologies extrapolated their “on call” business model into 29 states including Hawaii, increasing their total market penetration to 45 of 50 states; and into the provinces of Alberta and Ontario, Canada. Upcoming projects are in the planning stage for Mexico as well as Puerto Rico.

In 2010, COLUMBIA Technologies worked with 57 different clients throughout North America and Hawaii at over 100 project locations. They contracted with 10 out of 20, 15 out of 30, and 20 out of 40 from the Environmental Business International’s top rated environmental consulting and engineering firms on a broad range of commercial and military sites.

Direct Sensing Team New Hires Press Release

Direct Sensing Team New Hires Press Release

COLUMBIA Technologies, a leading site investigation partner providing High Resolution Vertical Profiling services throughout North America and Hawaii, is proud to announce the recent hiring of David Boylan, Anastasia Craver, and Christopher Creger. These three individuals will expand the direct sensing team assuming the role of Field Geochemists in support of COLUMBIA’s national operations. Each of these individuals brings in previous experience while working in the environmental arena to operate alongside COLUMBIA’s nationwide service partners providing world-class innovative data collection, analyses, visualization, mapping and tracking tools for subsurface soil and groundwater contamination to environmental, legal and property professionals.

Article originally featured in the Probing Times, the official newsletter of Geoprobe Systems® Fall 2010 Issue

Probing Times Fall 2010 Article

Article featured in the Fall 2010 issue of the Probing Times, the official newsletter of Geoprobe Systems®.

Dissolved phase TCE (trichloroethylene) was detected in the Millsboro, DE, water source during routine sampling of the community’s water supply wells, and was traced to nearby township wells. The TCE, which was banned from public use in the 1970s, was detected at levels greater than the U.S. EPA’s maximum contaminant level for public drinking water. Investigations completed by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control – Site Investigation and Restoration Branch and by EA Engineering, in Sparks, MD, determined that the source of the TCE mass distribution was a former poultry vaccine manufacturing facility located less than 1,400 ft. from the public wells. TCE had been used as a heat transfer medium in a closed refrigeration system at the facility.

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COLUMBIA Technologies’ state-of-the-art equipment and rapid 3D visualizations combined with historical data completed a site assessment so efficiently that the original project work scope was reduced by 50%.

On this recently completed project, a major energy company required state clearance from regulators prior to advancing their expansion plans at an active petroleum refinery facility in western North Dakota.

COLUMBIA Technologies will be exhibiting and/or presenting at following conferences in Massachusetts, Texas, and California including:

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Dov Hoffman Press Release

Dov Hoffman Press Release

COLUMBIA Technologies, an industry leader providing High Resolution Vertical Profiling services throughout North America and Hawaii, is proud to announce that Dov Hoffman joined our team as a Marketing Specialist. With previous roles involving development and implementation of sophisticated marketing materials, strategic business initiatives, and market research, Hoffman will bring a distinct perspective to expand the company’s reach in the North American market.

Hoffman, a graduate of Towson University where he pursued a double major in e-Business and Marketing will be working out of COLUMBIA’s headquarters located in Baltimore, MD. Hoffman will focus on all marketing initiatives in support of their national operations.

Article originally featured in The Daily Record May 6, 2010 Issue

Daily Record May 6 2010 Article

Article featured in the May 6, 2010 issue of The Daily Record.

One of the companies in the new Maryland Clean Energy Incubator at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County is trying to make real estate development easier and faster.

Columbia Technologies, launched by two engineers in 1999, uses sensors to determine what kind of pollution is underneath a future or existing building site, turning weeks of waiting for an environmental analysis often needed in redevelopment projects into a few hours.

“We’re able to get an answer quickly in high resolution that’s easy to understand,” said John H. Sohl, chief executive officer and co-founder of Columbia Technologies. “So you can move the market elements of a property transaction much faster.”

Article originally featured in the Probing Times, the official newsletter of Geoprobe Systems® Fall 2009 Issue

Probing Times Fall 2009 Article

Article featured in the Fall 2009 issue of the Probing Times, the official newsletter of Geoprobe Systems®.

A warehousing facility for an equipment manufacturer had undergone several rounds of investigation and remediation to determine the extent of TCE contamination. The distribution of TCE on this several acre site in Los Angeles County, CA, was strongly controlled by thin-layer geology. And after more than a decade of investigating, the extent of the contamination was still not fully understood.

Long before the fieldwork began, Columbia Technologies, based in Baltimore, MD, worked closely with GeoTrans in Irvine, CA, the site consultant, to develop a scope of work that would allow Columbia Technologies to characterize the vertical distribution of TCE across the site in just a few days of fieldwork using the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP).


COLUMBIA Technologies, LLC, a small veteran-owned provider of site characterization tools, for significant geographic expansion. During 2008, the company added offices in the western and southeastern regions of the United States and initiated field service delivery in Canada.

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