Privacy Policy

Privacy for Web Visitors

One can visit our websites with privacy. A website visitor can choose to provide customer-specific information. Any information provided by a website visitor is held strictly confidential within COLUMBIA Technologies and will not be sold to any other organization or business.

Types of Customer Information

Visitors can make requests to receive information. Such customer-specific information will be used to fulfill the specific request or purpose for which it was provided. In addition, such voluntarily provided information may be occasionally used to offer information, industry news, and inform of upcoming events that may be of interest.

Privacy of Online Information

While COLUMBIA Technologies may use this information to contact or send materials to you for marketing purposes, we will take commercially reasonable steps to safeguard the information from unauthorized access. We will not make customer-specific information that is gathered on our site available to unaffiliated organizations, except with the customer’s permission, as required by law, for safety reasons, or to survey customer satisfaction, under nondisclosure protection. We do not share information with outside parties except as necessary and by requested of the customer. We may also use that information to offer other products or services of interest. We do not sell customer information from our Web sites to any outside party.