COLUMBIA Technologies Supports Our First Direct Sensing Project in Mexico City and Launches a Spanish Website

by / Monday, 12 September 2011 / Published in News

COLUMBIA Technologies is currently supporting our first direct sensing project in Mexico City. COLUMBIA’s direct sensing team landed in Mexico City in August to make a difference in the environmental industry on a global level and prove that real-time information can drive a project to satisfy regulatory requirements for investigation of contaminated sites.

Following the proven concept of stakeholder and regulatory involvement, systematic work planning, and dynamic work execution, these site investigations focused on providing a better understanding of how the results would impact the overall remediation scope and property disposition.

In an effort to support Mexico and Latin America, we recently updated our website by releasing a Spanish subsite. Spanish-language speakers can now more easily find direct sensing and high resolution vertical profiling information, thanks to an updated website recently launched by COLUMBIA Technologies.

“Expanding our marketing reach to Mexico and Latin America is critical to our success as a company,” said John Sohl, Chief Executive Officer for COLUMBIA Technologies. “On each and every project, our direct sensing team continues to educate clients on real-time investigation approaches, but the power of the internet empowers environmental, legal, and property professionals to be informed on a global basis. And, now those who speak Spanish can further learn about investigation techniques which reduce project cost, risk, and uncertainty.”

The Spanish-language site for COLUMBIA Technologies closely mirrors our English-language site, providing access in Spanish to corporate news, technology and service overviews, as well as a partial client list. Spanish is an emerging language among internet users and the number of Spanish speakers in the United States is continuously growing.

Our Spanish-language website, can be visited at Some of the web pages within this subsite include: